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Walmart to test 16-foot-tall tower to dispense online orders at its Chesterfield store The Walmart Supercenter store at 12200 Chattanooga Plaza in Chesterfield County will be one of the first Walmart stores in the country to get a pick-up tower – a 16-foot-tall vending machine-like tower that will dispense orders made online at . The store is scheduled to get tower service in July, said Phillip Keene, a Walmart spokesman. Orders for general merchandise - not food - made online will be loaded into the machine. Customers will get notified when their package is ready to be picked up at the store. "You walk in, you have a code. You walk up to the machine, enter your information and it finds your packages. You just grab it out of the machine and walk out,” Keene said. "It’s in five stores, and it’s something we are thinking about expanding,” Keene said. Keene was at the Walmart store off West Broad Street in Short Pump Thursday for a panel discussion on “The Future of Retail.” Panelists were Nancy Thomas of the Retail Merchants group; Bob Kelley, a Virginia Commonwealth University professor and expert on retail; Bob Davis, vice president and regional general manager for Walmart, and Andy Thornton, president and co-owner of La Diff home furnishings store. Richard Coughlan, a management professor at the University of Richmond, moderated the discussion.

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